Blues: Alberta Hunter - 2001 - Downhearted Blues
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Alberta Hunter - Downhearted Blues
Артист: Alberta Hunter
Альбом: Downhearted Blues, 2001
Издатель: Varese Sarabande Records / 302 066 247 2
Жанр: Female blues
Формат файла: FLAC, tracks+.cue, lossless
Ссылка 1: CD 1
Ссылка 2: CD 2
Ссылка 3: CD 3
Нахождение: Torrent
Примечание: Compilation

1. My Castle's Rockin' [03:48]
2. The Love I Have for You [04:00]
3. I Got Rhythm [03:25]
4. Downhearted Blues [06:02]
5. Time Waits for No One [03:22]
6. I'm Havin' a Good Time [03:20]
7. Two-Fisted Double-Jointed Rough and Ready Man [05:03]
8. The Darktown Strutter's Ball [04:17]
9. Sometimes I'm Happy [03:09]
10. I've Got a Mind to Ramble [04:50]
11. Old Fashioned Love [04:13]
12. You Can't Tell the Difference After Dark [03:34]
13. Remember My Name [03:44]
14. When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) [02:57]
15. Georgia on My Mind [03:20]
16. Handy Man [04:10]
17. Never Knew My Kisses [03:08]
18. You're Welcome to Come Back Home [03:52]

Alberta Hunter is The Blues. She started recording in the early 1920s, six decades before these tracks were recorded. The history that's wrapped up in this one woman is incredible. And you can hear it on this recording. Like she says in the introduction to "Time Waits For No One," "This is the voice of experience." Indeed. And what a voice. And with a sense of humor. She had me laughing through most of "Two-Fisted Double-Jointed Rough And Ready Man," for example. And during "Sometimes I'm Happy."
These tracks were recorded in 1981. That's shocking. After all, this was the beginning of the reign of that feeble actor and all-around bastard Ronald Reagan. But you wouldn't know it listening to this album. It could be 1928, 1937 or 1946. Certainly it doesn't sound like the era of Pac-Man and MTV.

...классика... Спасибо Рику :drag: