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   Power Quest 2008, Master Of Illusion (japanise edit)
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 Posted: 17-04-2008, 02:22 (post 1, #833521)

зломбный релизомби

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Power Quest - Master Of Illusion
Артист: Power Quest
Альбом: Master Of Illusion, 2008
Издатель: Avalon
Жанр: melodic power metal
Формат файла: eac/ape/covers/rar
Ссылка 1: CD 1 94 clicks
Ссылка 2: CD 2
Нахождение: eDonkey/Torrent
01. Cemetery Gates
02. Human Machine
03. Civilised?
04. Kings of Eternity
05. Master of Illusion
06. The Vigil
07. Save the World
08. Hearts and Voices
09. I Don't Believe in Friends Forever
10. Never Again
11. Reckoning Day

The first seven years of Power Quest’s existence have been quite hectic with the release of their first three albums happening on no less then four different labels (this includes one re-release). When you compare this fact with the band’s touring rйsumй however, you can find that they’ve supported large names like Threshold, Dream Evil, Firewind and Angra so that part of their existence isn’t as inconsistent as the relations with their labels. Now, with a new record deal in the pocket, the time is ripe for the fourth album "Master of Illusion".

Power Quest plays melodic power metal, much in the style of the older Freedom Call and Rhapsody with a tiny bit of Dragonforce peeping through. As you might have already understood from the bands that are mentioned above, the entire album is one blast of fast paced, energetic and insanely catchy (Hearing a chorus one time is enough to know it by heart) power metal. The album itself is quite good with some exciting moments that make my melodic heart beat faster but to say that there’s real innovation to be found here would be a large exaggeration. Most of the material sounds like stuff that’s been done a few times before so on this department the band definitely loses points. However, it gains points with the guest appearances on "Master of Illusion. On "Human Machine" we find Richard West (Threshold) with a very nice keyboard solo while "The Vigil" features Bill Hudson (Ex-Cellador) with a ripping guitar solo. Since both bands have roots in the power metal scene, these appearances fit the album well and make a valuable contribution. Another thing that was noticeable about the album, was the production. I like a good production but at time I had the feeling that"Master of Illusion" had some over-production on the vocal department. Just listen to a song like "Save the world" or "Hearts and Voices" and you can hear what I mean. While we’re on the subject of vocals, the Italian Alessio Garavello doesn’t have the typical dramatic Italian style that you would expect and handles himself quite well. A powerful and dynamic voice that suits the type of music quite well.
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Не, это не метал, это пластик.
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GREAT RELEASE!!! :punk: :)
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Thank you very much.
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