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Classical music: Johann Sebastian Bach - Solo Concertos (3CDs)
  'Leipzig New Bach Collegium Musicum {Capriccio - Phoenix Edition 400}' | Fri, 20 Sep 2013 07:08:59 GMT | Автор: kgkk  
Leipzig New Bach Collegium Musicum - Johann Sebastian Bach - Solo Concertos (3CDs)
Артист: Leipzig New Bach Collegium Musicum
Альбом: Johann Sebastian Bach - Solo Concertos (3CDs), 2009
Издатель: Capriccio / Phoenix Edition 400
Жанр: Classical
Формат файла: EAC / FLAC / CUE / LOG
Ссылка: CD
Нахождение: Torrent

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

Solo Concertos (3CDs)

Label: Capriccio - Phoenix Edition 400
Year: 2009


Leipzig New Bach Collegium Musicum

Max Pommer - conductor

It is hard to ascertain how many instrumental concerts Johann Sebastian Bach has composed: many relevant sources were lost, while biograhpic and historic documents are sketchy. Many transcriptions are known from the period between 1713 and 1714.
Some evidence points to the fact that Bach started with composing own concerts in those years.

Since decades the question arises again and again whether some of Bach’s Leipzig concerts base on works of his sojourns in Weimar and Kothen. Since the end of the 19th century many attemps were undertaken to recreate lost originals – some successful, some not, and with different claims for authenticity.

Some cases are rather unproblematic, while others resist attemps of reconstruction, or are full of complications after rebuild. The concerts on this CD are the attempt of rebuilding lost versions and to discover Bach’s early period – and the result is positive.

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