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Other Styles: Mamapapa Banda - Live 2009
  'Austro-Hungarian folklore/ethnic music, Slavonic townsfolk evergreens/smash hits, and punk.' | Sat, 19 Jan 2013 21:04:50 GMT | Автор: Siget  
Mamapapa Banda - Live 2009
Артист: Mamapapa Banda
Альбом: Live 2009, 2009
Жанр: ethnic
Формат файла: wv.iso.wv
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Нахождение: eDonkey/Torrent
MAMAMPAPA BAND(A) is a group of visual artists and musicians of different
nationalities formed in 2007 in Prague during recording their "HOME MADE" CD.
With a style that they themselves call "Nomads-Influenza", the group plays not easily
classifiable style of music - it comprises of Austro-Hungarian folklore/ethnic music,
Slavonic townsfolk evergreens/smash hits, and punk.
Apart of common instruments such as accordion, clarinet and violin
there is one very distinctive and unchangeable instrument in the group, "a sounding root".

Member of the group:
Ágnes Kutas: violin, vocals
Tomáš Žižka: sounding root, vocals
Jan Holeček: clarinet, bass clarinet, flutes
Dragan Stojčevski: accordion, vocals

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SPOILER (pictures)


...ещё один осколок австро-венгерской империи :)