Buddy Guy - DJ Play My Blues (1981), 2004. JSP DSD Remastered
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Buddy Guy - DJ Play My Blues (1981)
Артист: Buddy Guy
Альбом: DJ Play My Blues (1981), 2004
Издатель: JSP / 5104
Жанр: Blues, Blues-Rock....
Формат файла: eac-log-cue-wv-scans-iso
Ссылка: CD 24 clicks
Нахождение: eDonkey/Kademlia
thanks to my friends :clap:

 1. Girl You're Nice And Clean
 2. Dedication To The Late T-Bone Walker
 3. Good News
 4. Blues At My Baby's House
 5. She Suits Me To A T
 6. D J Play My Blues
 7. Just Teasin'
 8. All Your Love
 9. The Garbage Man Blues
10. Mellow Down
11. Comin' On
12. Girl You're Nice & Clean (Alternative)

Smokin Buddy Guy!!!!, December 12, 2006
By J. R Sategna (Martinez, California United States)
This is a live recording of Buddy in 1981 with his brother-Phil. It is in the SACD format and does it come out crisp and clear!!!! Buddy is great on this one[--loose and wild on the guitar-the way you want him to be all the time!! I have seen him several times now and back in the seventies and eighties. If you like those years of Buddy the best--I mean some long great guitar solos and that loose style--man you got to get this one. The vocals are great and his brother is good on the guitar and also sings two songs. Don't miss this one. 10 plus stars.

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Deep blues, November 7, 2004
By M. Bernocchi "mbernocchi" (Old Windsor, Berkshire United Kingdom)
Buddy Gu's discography is really variegated and includes album waving from deep electric blues to rock - blues to acoustic cuts. This one, that is a reissue of an album recorded in Chicago in 1981, belongs to the first category. JSP have re-mixed the old material to surround sound and the result is stunning. The quality of sounds is superlative, however the most important thing is that the material included in the recording is absolutely marvellous! As quite rightly John Stedman states on the linear notes "Buddy cuts loose on every track with no concession to commerciality or radio friendly", this is a deep blues album played for lovers of the style with no intention to impress the big audience out there. In my opinion this must be one of the best album ever recorded by Buddy Guy (for sure the best I know), marvellous guitar work and superlative singing in a sequence of great blues songs played with great feeling. An important contribution to the excellent final result is given, without any doubts, by the great band playing with Buddy. His brother Phil share guitar duty and sings on tracks 9 & 10, Doug Williams does a fantastic job on rhythm guitar providing the right texture on which Buddy and Phil can develop their solos, while Mike Morrison on bass and the Chicago veteran Ray Allison on drums, provide a very solid and precise rhythm section. Very highly recommended to all the "real" blues lovers!

EAC extraction logfile for CD
Buddy Guy / DJ Play My Blues [2004. JSP DSD Remastered]

Used drive  :
Read mode  : Secure with NO C2, accurate stream, disable cache
Read offset correction : 48
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No

Used output format : Internal WAV Routines
                    44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo

Other options      :
    Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes
    Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : No
    Native Win32 interface for Win NT & 2000

Range status and errors
Selected range
    Filename Buddy Guy - DJ Play My Blues\Buddy Guy - DJ Play My Blues [2004. JSP DSD Remastered].wav

    Peak level 98.3 %
    Range quality 100.0 %
    CRC B3DC2D62
    Copy OK

No errors occured

End of status report

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