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Classical music: Judith Bingham - Organ Music (Naxos, 8.572687)
  'The Dmitri Ensemble, Tom Winpenny - organ' | Mon, 28 Apr 2014 01:10:59 GMT | Автор: kgkk  
The Dmitri Ensemble, Tom Winpenny - organ - Judith Bingham - Organ Music
Артист: The Dmitri Ensemble, Tom Winpenny - organ
Альбом: Judith Bingham - Organ Music, 2011
Издатель: Naxos / 8.572687
Жанр: Classical
Формат файла: EAC / FLAC / CUE / LOG
Ссылка: CD
Нахождение: Torrent

Judith Bingham (b. 1952)

Organ Music

Label: Naxos, 8.572687
Year: 2011


Tom Winpenny - organ

The Dmitri Ensemble
Graham Ross - conductor

Organ music holds a special affection for leading UK composer Judith Bingham, and the repertoire in this programme reflects a cross-section of her themes and work both recently composed and newly arranged. Experienced broadcast performer Tom Winpenny is joined by the acclaimed group, The Dmitri Ensemble, for the atmospheric concerto Jacob’s Ladder, while the rebuilt St Albans Cathedral Organ is an ideal instrument for works such as the improvisatory Annunciation I and radiantly charming Hope, recorded, as was all the music on this album, in the composer’s presence.

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